Why You Should Be Writing A Journal!

While no one has really proved why we have dreams when we sleep, I subscribe to the theory that it is, in part, the mind’s way of processing the huge collection of thoughts we accumulate in the day. It is a subconscious healing – a kind of cognitive reboot.

We can give our brain a helping hand and discover more about ourselves – our hopes, dreams and fears – by dedicating just a few minutes each day to writing a journal.

Instead of checking Twitter, reading work emails or gazing out of the window in spare moments, dedicate that time to transcribing your innermost thoughts – it will soon become like enjoying a favourite meal.


Why Write A Journal?

  • It is a healing process. By reflecting on the events of the day, we can train ourselves to avoid negativity and build on the positives.
  • It is important for decision-making. By taking time to analyse the issues of the day, we differentiate the causes from the effects and arrive at logical decisions that we are less likely to regret.
  • It has been proven to help reduce stress, increase self-esteem and help to deal with traumatic experiences – meaning you will learn to shout less at your family members, pets, utensils and the computer as you appreciate yourself!
  • Research has also shown that people who write journals have improved psychological wellbeing and stronger immune systems. Yes, a diary entry a day could keep the doctor away!
  • Do you often go to bed with thoughts running aimlessly through your mind? Writing a few down will help clear the day’s backlog, let you sleep sounder and begin tomorrow with confidence
  • A journal also helps to preserve memories for the future. Prepare to impress everyone with your uncanny ability to put a face to a name!
  • Gain motivation from certain sayings, quotes or snippets of advice? Record your favourites in a journal and reflect on them later.
  • It’s not uncommon to be awoken from a thrilling, vivid dream, full of inspiration, only for the feeling and memories of the dream to quickly fade. By adopting the habit of journal keeping, it will soon become second nature to quickly jot down magical ideas or inventive thoughts. This will ensure you don’t lose priceless wisdom on how to resolve all the world’s problems!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



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  1. sdorttuiiplmnr December 23, 2015 / 11:32 am

    I am not really good with English but I get hold this real easy to interpret.

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