Instant Positive Thinking!

Positive thinking, its not about expecting positive to happen every single time and all your life – its accepting that whatever happens is the best for you, for this moment. Don’t take it negative, but keep saying to yourself, that this is for the best of the situation now!

So don’t forget, always keep smiling!


It is very important to have the right thinking at every moment! Try to watch and control your thoughts as much as you can! During the day, at work, in the shower, when you are with friends or family, when you take a walk or busy with your hobby and when you have a stressful situation! Visualizing the best to happen, but then accepting the result and creating the right thoughts irrespective of what the outcome maybe. Positive thinking does not mean what will happen, will be the best; It means whatever will happen or is happening to you right now, will be accurate for me; because this is what I have already created, but now is the time to change and create new future.

If its difficult to watch and control your thoughts, start meditating, it will definitely help!


Accepting the outcome of the situation, keeps us stable in the moment. We retrain the strength, confidence and motivation to put in our best in the next moment.

This is very powerful, the positive thinking does not mean to expect the best every time, but to accept what is happening now is the best for this moment! It changes the vibration of your thoughts and your energy! Like attracts like!


The importance to understand the positive thinking is not only to think positive in to the future but to think positive in the moment of now and no matter what happens or comes to you at this exact moment you have to take in on and trust the universe, that from now on no matter what I will take everything with good energy and everything that is happening takes me closer to the light.

“Act but don’t React.” – Think what is best for you and for that moment!

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Music Can Heal You!

Music is renowned for its entertainment value. Millions of people listen to their favourite music everyday. It is rare for any human being not to be affected positively (or negatively) by certain kind of music. But music is just part of the large phenomenon called sound. An examination of sound will reveal that it actually heals.

Healing is often perceived to be in the jurisdiction of physicians, traditional healers and spiritual leaders. However, nature has its own methods of bringing relief to people. It is important to state this at the onset that human beings are part of nature and only by adhering to natural principles are they able to lead productive lives. Sound is part of those natural principles and those who understand this fact do not ignore the role of sound in healing.

Did You Know?

Sound is more than what we casually consider it to be. It is such a powerful force that it bestows health and tranquility. Its potency is evident when we cry, love or pour out other emotions after listening to music. Do you know people who change their moods suddenly and act in unexpected ways owing to music? You may not have scientific data to prove it, but music moves you in a manner that few other phenomena do. We sometimes get into the trap of believing that everything we cannot prove does not exist, thanks to science and empirical inquiry.

What Then, Is Sound?

It is not easy to define sound. However, an effective way of understanding sound is to think of it as vibrations or waves passing through the air to your ears. Experts opine that music helps us to send messages to the nervous systems of people and other creatures. Since the nervous system is the recipient of messages from the brain, sound and its healing effects can be transmitted throughout your body and those of other creatures.

The Effects Of Sound

What makes you turn on the radio to look for the station that is playing music instead of the one hosting a talk show? Have you noticed that when you are driving you are more likely to listen to music than to a news bulleting unless the news is sensational? More importantly, the music you listen to tends to inspire you to drive on and enjoy the exercise. There is something about the sound of music that propels you to want to listen to it.

Think about a lullaby and what it does to a child. By the way, you are likely to achieve more with a lullaby when trying to soothe a child to sleep than using force or threats. The rhythmic effect of music has the soothing effect that sends the little one to sleep. Actually, some mothers are known to listen to music when they are pregnant as a method of keeping the child healthy and happy long before birth.

You will also realise the magical effect of sound when you think about how we use music to spice up our events. Every major national event begins with the national anthem. Why? It is a call to patriotism. It appeals to the nationalistic values in citizens and rallies them towards a specific cause. Sports events are also preceded by musical entertainment. There is power in sound.

At a social level, people also utilise music for a number of reasons. Whether it is a birthday party or a wedding ceremony, you will find people losing their minds to the rhythm and sound of a good beat. That is when you find even little children rising up to try out an out-of-this-world dance move. Even those people you have always known to be docile and taciturn often find themselves withdrawing from social hibernation when their favourite music is played.

Let us also contemplate sounds that are not necessarily musical. Do you know people who like walking in the woods simply to listen to the chirping of birds and the howling of the wind as it finds its way through trees and other vegetation? I know people who find peace in those sounds. They feel at peace and rejuvenated when the wild sounds of nature reach their ears. Once you learn to appreciate natural sound, you become addicted to its invigorating effects. You find yourself in love with sounds that other people may not even understand.

But perhaps the most powerful but subtle effect of sound is healing. Advances in modern medicine have made people to forget that sound heals. It is a form of medicine that helps people, especially those in intensive care or those with mental problems, to come back to their normal states. You may also want to try sound when you are ill and you will realise that your body, spirit and mind will find new energy to rise up and overcome the illness.

Blue Water Ripples

We can see vibration on water!

How Does Sound Healing Work?

Sound reaches your body through vibrations that we call -voices, singling bowls, drums, gongs and other implements. You can see the vibrations in the water for example!


Singing Bowl

These sounds have different frequencies and are multifaceted. A single note of music is differentiated into individual aspects that reach your ear. You need to understand that some of the harmonics cannot be heard individually but they remain active in the background. They are powerful and attractive to the ear and impact your body positively. Your body organs have varying reactions to different tones thus making you to hear varying notes and dissimilar methods of voicing them. What some people call noisy music is actually the source of harmonies that bring peace and joy. The fact is that different instruments must work for the same purpose even if they produce different sounds.

How Is This Related To Healing?

Your body uses the same principle. Every organ must play its role but in harmony with the rest. They produce different ‘sounds’ energy vibrations, but harmony must result from this organised ‘noise’. However, if your body has disharmony among its organs, chaos will ensue. This chaos is what we call disease. Sound of healing has a core energy field, which ensures you have mental, emotional and physical health in the body. Changing this field means changes in the way your body operates and responds to stimuli.

Complications That Are Healed Through Sound Therapy

If you experience problems getting sleep, sound healing can work for you. Insomnia is a serious problem in the current generation. People engage in all sorts of activities to get money to the extent that their sleep patterns are interrupted. A simple way of doing this at home is to play your favorite music (or any soft music with slow beats) as you lie on the bed. Sleep will invade your territory even before you know it. It is similar to the lullaby you sing for a child to soothe them to sleep.

Another problem that can be healed through sound is anxiety or stress. Many of us go through life with a lot of anxiety. If you are a parent, there are bills to foot every month and children to take to school. Sometimes you have to work several jobs to make ends meet. Your days are spent at work and you rarely sleep adequately. Life becomes a serious struggle to remain alive. The only time you get to recuperate is when you can afford a holiday. This is the time when the healing sound of your favorite music can come handy.

Are you depressed? The reason you are despondent is the many saddening things that happen in life. Maybe a member of your family is sick. You may be grieving after losing a loved one. Probably you have lost your job and you don’t seem to find any at the time you need it. You walk as if the whole world in perched on your back and fastened with a metal cord. Giving up is what your mind is thinking all the time. Get some spiritual music and listen to it to gladden and uplift your soul.

Sound is also known to have powerful effects that can relieve pains and aches especially in the joints and muscles. For people who perform manual jobs and those who engage in sports, such pains are common. You can also fall into the same condition while performing your normal duties or when you contract tropical fevers such as malaria. While conventional music is desirable in this situation, you can get relief from listening to your preferred music. The soothing sound effects of a composition that you like can assuage your pain and give you the positive attitude you need at such a time.

Ever experienced a migraine? You know that painful headache that hits you like a hammer and prevents you from carrying out any activity. Regardless of what causes your pain, you wish that it would go anytime. Unfortunately, some migraines never go away easily. You have to look for the most potent pain killer. As you wait for the medicine to work, you can take refuge in the healing qualities of some cool music. Switch on the music, lie down and close your eyes to imbibe this rich healing flavor. It works for many people and you can try it out too. It may even work faster than the painkiller you have taken.

The healing qualities of sound can also come in handy for terminally ill patients. If you have ever visited a hospice then you know how low misery and pain can drag a human being. Some of the individuals in these places are also abandoned by their relatives thus making it hard for them to cope with chronic illnesses. Experts have established that soft music can bring the needed healing to these people. Since many of them spend most of their time agonising over their pain, music can gradually bring hope and rejuvenation to their bodies and souls.

For those who believe in chakras, music is very crucial in clearing jammed energy and psychological and emotional blocks. Sound helps positive energy to flow to all parts of the body. You can use it to assuage light-body mounting signs like confusion, fatigue and irritability. Sound will help you even when you feel nauseous. You will feel more vibrant and get your body, mind and soul health back faster than you can imagine.

As we conclude, think about a snake charmer and the way he or she uses music to tame the deadly creature. What is in the music that makes the snake obey the sound of a musical instrument? You have come across domestic animals that are lead to different areas by a herder who sings to them. Other people also milk their cows while playing music for the animals. It is evident that those who remain close to nature understand the efficacy of music in their lives and how they can use different sounds to get what they want and to heal others and themselves.

Tips On How To Use Sound For Healing

  1. Know the music that inspires and motivates you in manner that brings out the best positive qualities from you.
  2. Buy your favorite music and keep it close so that you can use it when the right situation arises.

  1. Religious or spiritual music has great healing effect particularly when you share the teachings being propagated in such music.

  1. If you can memorize and sing a song either singly or in accompaniment to a recorded version, you stand to gain more because you will be reminded of the principles you embrace.

  1. If you have sleeping problems, ensure you play the right kind of music before you get into bed and allow it to play throughout the night.

  1. Rhythm and beats matter regardless of the type of music you prefer. Very loud music with heavy beats will not heal migraines, for example.

7. If a sick person is in a position to choose, give them the opportunity to decide the type of music they want to listen to instead of imposing your preferences on them.

With love,

Your Grace Guru



How Kind Are You?

We live in a world where good and bad exist side-by-side. None of us are immune to misfortune. All of us would love to live a stress-free life, but this is the exception rather than the rule. At any one time, there are millions of people who are agonising over one problem or the other. When you meet anybody anytime, remember they are facing a battle and kindness from you will help!

But there is a question that you need to ask yourself “are you giving enough kindness?” Let us begin by emphasising that we all need kindness. As human beings, we cannot live alone, especially when misfortune strikes. Sooner or later, you will need people who can bring cheer into your life. For this reason, you need to start being kind to others.

Think of the orphaned child who does not know what the future will bring. While you are thinking about the delayed promotion at work, there is a child that has a bleak future unless you intervene with kindness. Remember that child that will never enjoy the warmth of a mother’s touch or her comforting words during scary moments.

The person you sit next to in the plane or train may be undergoing the stress and agony that accompanies divorce. After years of living together with another person and believing in ‘happily ever after’ sad reality suddenly dawns. That women or man could be a parent that does not understand what will happen to their children after divorce. Are you being kind enough to them?

Despite advanced medicine, we are witnessing more chronic and deadly diseases than ever before. There are countless people suffering from the physical and psychological effects of being HIV positive. Many of them have been rejected by their families and friends. They are regarded as outsiders. They are not welcome into social events as before. How kind are you to such people?

The cancer epidemic is devastating the world. The best medical care is unable to prevent people from contracting this dreaded illness. Somewhere in your neighbourhood, or in your family, there is someone undergoing radiation treatment or chemotherapy. The cost of these therapies and pertinent medicine is too high for some. Others have been transferred to hospices to spend their last days, secluded from society.

Is praying for them sufficient or you need to visit them and donate money or other materials for their treatment?


Recently, the world witnessed the unfortunate incident of a journalist in Eastern Europe who, instead of helping a refugee and his son to reach their intended destination safely, stuck out her leg and floored the poor guy and his son. How is that for kindness? We have become so callous that the suffering of other people fills some of us with joy. But how different are we from the camera lady?

We condemn refugees fleeing war in the Middle East without bothering to understand their predicaments?

 Are you giving enough kindness to your spouse or partner? This person expects you to understand them more than anybody else. They go to work and come home tired. They want to have a tasty meal and have a peaceful evening. It is possible that this person had a bad day at work. Some have quarreled with their bosses and workmates. Others messed up important processes and have been warned. What does such a person expect when they arrive home? A querulous partner? A demanding and nagging spouse?

Some parents are also not kind to their children. Not all children will bring excellent grades all the time. Sometimes the grades will fluctuate. Unfortunately, some parents are harsh and even violent to children who seem not to perform well in school. Quarrelling the child and threatening them will only worsen the situation. This child needs a parent who will listen and understand. After all, if someone went behind the scene and checked your performance at the same grade as your child, you may have no moral authority to question their performance!

There are many examples that one can cite of situations when you need to exercise more kindness. Always remember that you can be the person in need of kindness in the examples we have cited. It is for your own good that you learn to be kind to other people, whether you know them or you don’t. You may ignore that old man who cannot cross the road by himself, but sooner or later, you will be in a similar position.

Need I remind you that karma is a bitch?


Cultivate kindness while remembering that the universe is one. We are interconnected. No one is independent of the other. Fate and destiny are real. Whatever good or evil you do to others will eventually come back to you. You have a free will but you must exercise it in doing good to others. Our life on earth is transient. Today you are here but tomorrow you will be gone. Do good such that those who remain will have a good reason to remember you.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to exercise kindness that impacts others powerfully. Kindness can become an effortless attitude when you begin to embrace it. Find people in your family, neighborhood and society who need your help. Some of the items you don’t need any more could be precious to others. That sweet and comforting speech you are keeping in your heart could gladden the heart of another person.

Cultivate kindness while remembering that the universe is one. We are interconnected. No one is independent of the other. Fate and destiny are real. Whatever good or evil you do to others will eventually come back to you. You have a free will but you must exercise it in doing good to others. Our life on earth is transient. Today you are here but tomorrow you will be gone. Do good such that those who remain will have a good reason to remember you.

You don’t need to have a lot of money to exercise kindness that impacts others powerfully. Kindness can become an effortless attitude when you begin to embrace it. Find people in your family, neighborhood and society who need your help. Some of the items you don’t need any more could be precious to others. That sweet and comforting speech you are keeping in your heart could gladden the heart of another person.

Whatever you do, endeavour to be kinder through you actions and words, for your kindness will come back to you in equal measure when you need it most, and that could be soon.

With Love,

Your Grace Guru



Create A Major Life Change!

Deep inside each human being is the need for positive progress and change. You want to move from one step to another, especially in the direction you have identified to be the right one. Only then will you feel that life has any value for you.

The greatest obstacle, however, lies in our nature as humans. We are creatures of habits and breaking a habit can be challenging. We often get so accustomed to certain ways of doing things that we create comfort zones. When the time to change comes, we resist it because we want to remain in our little cocoons of comfort.

How then can you ensure that you embrace a major change in your life?

  1. Have a Vision

The Good Book that Christians use for doctrinal purposes holds that in the absence of a vision, people perish. A vision is some form of a mental image on what changes you want to see in your life. Every great achievement begins with an idea. Whatever your motivation for change, you need to clearly define your destination.

You cannot realize any major change in your life when your vision is hazy. Exactly where do you want to be in terms of your career in the next two years? What is your preferred relationship status and by when should you have achieved it? Of course your vision must be SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound).

  1. Create An Actionable Plan To Back Your Vision

A vision will remain a mere statement unless it is backed by a viable plan. To create a major life change, you need to gather information towards making your vision a reality. You may want to borrow strategic planning concepts and plans from organisational settings. Planning constitutes the direction you will take towards your destination (vision).

A good plan is SMART. Moreover, when planning for a major change in your life, you need to understand your strengths and weaknesses as well as the resources at your disposal. It is also important to make your intentions clear. Remember, though, that no plan is full-proof.

  1. Acknowledge What Holds You Back

When creating a major change in your life, it is crucial for you to look back at what has hampered you in the past. Habits are very strong and can keep your from your dreams. How many times have you tried to overcome your addiction to drugs or porn? How many times did you vow never to engage in a negative habit only to revert to it the following day? Acknowledge and deal with the reasons that always thwart your plans to change.

A good example of factors that hinder progress for most individuals is peer pressure. I have seen people who enrol in fitness clubs to shed off excess weight leaving midway through their exercise regiments because their peers do not approve of such efforts. As part of your plan, devise strategies to deal with such people and habits.

  1. Have A Positive Attitude

Many people who want to see change rise or fall when it comes to attitude. Have you ever been told that all you need to shed excess weight is to exercise and eat well? While this is true, it is only so partly. Unless you have a winning mentality that believes your dream is possible, you are likely to fall along the way when challenges begin to emerge.

Physicians often remind us that most of the illnesses we think we are suffering from are simply mental illusions. You obviously have heard of the placebo effect, which illustrates that whatever we believe in works for us in most circumstances. Whatever change you need to see in your life must be informed by the vision you have.

  1. Involve Others

No man is an island, goes the famous cliché. That change you are looking for will impact someone else either positively or negatively. The best way to make sure you achieve your dreams and enjoy doing so is by involving significant people in your life during formation of the idea, planning and implementation.

Let’s take the example of a working mother who wants to advance her studies to get a promotion at work or to change careers. For her to attain this ideal, she needs the support of her employer, husband, children and other relatives. People who really value you will also encourage you along the way as you reach for the change you desire.

  1. Have Patience 

For any significant change to occur in your life, be ready for obstacles. Nothing good is attained when the waters are smooth. You might as well forget about the change you want if you are not willing to face and navigate rough waters. As they say, a ship at the harbour is safe but that is not what it was designed for.

Some of the challenges you need to handle will come from your own poor attitude and inherent weaknesses. Others will emanate from your family, workplace or even community. It is important to have your vision in mind and to remember you are doing this for yourself. You have to remain steadfast in the midst of obstacles.

  1. Review Your Progress

Finally, do not forget to sit back and review how far you have come. This should be on a regular basis. Monitoring and reviewing your progress is a sure way of ensuring you identify possible weaknesses and device strategies to overcome them before they run out of hand. Take time also to celebrate milestones as you move towards the change your desire.

If you are in the process of shedding excess weight, for example, you must weigh yourself regularly, preferably weekly, to know how well you are doing. Moreover, you need to discuss your progress or regress with your personal trainer to identify areas of weakness.


Points to Remember!

  1. Every major change comes at a cost. There can be no victory without sacrifice and sacrifice is by nature painful.
  2. Internalize the change you want to see by creating mental pictures and feeling the consequences of that change in your life even before you achieve it.
  3. Change cannot be achieved in a vacuum. People are key players in any change process. Ignore them at your own peril.
  4. Change begins with you and you must desire it so much so that you are willing to sacrifice your pleasures for some time to achieve what you want.
  5. Do not chew more than you can swallow. It would be a miracle for you to become a dollar millionaire in one month if you have no job currently and have no viable business idea you are working on.
  6. Having a spiritual dimension is important. Whatever you subscribe to as the Higher Being, ensure you involve it in your plans.
  7. Study the experiences of others to get inspired. Talk to people who have undergone momentous but deliberate transformation. Watch them on TV or read their stories for motivation.
  8. Listen to your inner voice. Whether you are planning or implementing, never forget to listen to your heart. It is rarely wrong. If it says that you change, do it.
  9. The naysayers will always be watching you, waiting for your downfall. Remain true to your vision and plan.
  10. Celebrate when you create that major change in your life. Reward yourself. Remember current triumphs will motivate you to set higher goals and achieve them.

With love,

Your Grace Guru



BOOK REVIEW: “A New Earth, Create A Better Life” – Eckhart Tolle

In 2008 Oprah Winfrey declared Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth: Create a Better Life” her club book for that year. For Winfrey to make such a proclamation, this text must have impacted her life profoundly. As a consequence, millions of her followers and other individuals bought this book and forever changed their philosophies about themselves for the better.

The Purpose

In the author’s own words, “The purpose of this book is not to add new information or beliefs to your mind or to convince you of anything, but to bring a shift in consciousness, that is to say, to awaken.” He adds, “This book is about you.”

What Will You Gain From Reading “A New Earth: Create a Better Life”?

One of the greatest benefits you will derive from this text is a profound understanding of your ego and why, untamed, it is the greatest source of human suffering and distress. If you are not the religious type, you need not worry because this is not a religious treatise. “A New Earth: Create a Better Life” is the reflections of a very knowledgeable author on the human psyche. Did you know that real happiness is found in immaterial – not material – things?

This book will broaden your perspective and give you nobler motives. The author posits, “Instead of seeing yourself as a famous actor and writer and so on, see yourself inspiring countless people with your work and enriching their lives.”

This was not Tolle’s first book but actually a sequel to another bestseller – “The Power of Now.”  Unlike in his previous work, Tolle adopts a narrative style in ” A New Earth” in order to bring you closer to him and to better share his experiences. In essence, the book is easy to read because you and the writer seem to be in a kind of story-telling session.

Get a copy today!

Are you perplexed by some of the things happening to you and are looking for answers? Are you almost giving up in life? Do you want to understand who you really are and then take control of your life? Get a copy of “A New Earth: Create a Better Life” and you will begin to look at life differently and get some of the solutions you crave so much.

With love,

Your Grace Guru